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Superman: The Movie

The 40th Anniversary Interviews

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At a moment when superheroes dominate pop culture, Gary Bettinson takes us back to the first comic book blockbuster. Superman: The Movie – The 40th Anniversary Interviews is a revealing behind-the-scenes portrait of the personalities and expertise that went into making this landmark of Hollywood cinema. 

Marking 40 years since the film’s release, this book presents all-new interviews with the cast and crew, including Richard Donner (director), Ilya Salkind (producer), Pierre Spengler (producer), Margot Kidder (actor), Marc McClure (actor), Jeff East (actor), Sarah Douglas (actor) and Jack O’Halloran (actor). 

The book serves as a rare insider account of an acclaimed blockbuster that was steeped in controversy throughout production. With refreshing candour, the interviewees cast light on the making and legacy of Superman: The Movie. 

Charting the film’s inception through to its runaway release, this book provides a valuable insight into the practical logistics and day-to-day realities of mounting a big-budget production at a time when high-concept Hollywood blockbusters were only just emerging as a genre.

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