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oa The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking

Minor Immigrant Cinemas in Sweden 1950–1990

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Based on a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council, this book analyses 40 years of post-war independent immigrant filmmaking in Sweden. John Sundholm and Lars Gustaf Andersson consider the creativity that lies in the state of exile, offering analyses of over 50 rarely seen immigrant films that would otherwise remain invisible and unarchived. They shed light on the complex web of personal, economic and cultural circumstances around migrant filmmaking, and discuss associations that became important sites of self-organization for exiled filmmakers: The Independent Film Group, The Stockholm Film Workshop, Cineco, Kaleidoscope and Tensta Film Association.

Using an innovative combination of key film theory, The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking studies immigrant filmmaking in a transnational context, exploring how immigrant filmmakers use film to find a place in a new cultural situation.

The e-book of this work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND. To view a copy of the licence, visit

Open Access PDF of this title is available from OAPEN, at this link - The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking. 

Related Topics: Cultural Studies ; Film Studies

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