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Architecture and the Urban in Spanish Film

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This will be the first edited collection in English on urban space and architecture in Spanish popular film since 1898. Building on existing film and urban histories, this innovative volume will examine Spanish film through contemporary interdisciplinary theories of urban space, the built environment, visuality and mass culture from the industrial through to the digital age.

Architecture and Urbanism in Spanish Film brings together the innovative scholarship of an international and interdisciplinary group of film, architecture and urban studies scholars thinking through the reciprocal relationship between the seventh art and the built environment. Some of the shared concerns that emerge from this volume include the ways cinema as a new technology reshaped how cities and buildings are built and inhabited since the early twentieth century; the question of the mobile gaze; film's role in the shifting relationship between the private and the public; film and everyday life; monumentality and the construction of historical memory for a variety of viewing publics; the impact of the digital and the virtual on filmmaking and spectatorship.

Primary readership will be those researching, teaching and studying Spanish film, international film studies, urban cultural studies, cultural studies, and architects who are interested in interdisciplinary endeavours.

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