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Entanglements of Two: A Series of Duets

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Drawing out the particularities of working in twos, with a focus on collaborative performance making, this book considers the duet as a particular configuration in which to think, the duo a microcosm of humankind, and presents everyday entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit.

This book explores the practical, philosophical and aesthetic implications of performers working in pairs. It focuses on a ten-year period in the work of Karen Christopher, alongside wider reflections on the duet as a concept in artistic and social life. The book presents an investigation of the entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit of collaboration: the pair.

During this ten-year period, Christopher set out to create a series of duets by working with one other artist. The 25 pieces in the collection includes reflections from an international group of collaborators, artists, linguists, physicists, theologians, philosophers and performance scholars. Many of them deal with the question of artistic collaboration and entanglement, contemplating the significance of those terms both on an interpersonal and global level.

This book provides a fascinating insight into the creative working process of a particular artist, whilst providing a blueprint for how collaboration might take place. There are many passages that might provide inspiration for other artists and overall the book makes a moving and heartfelt plea for interpersonal open-ness and mutual investment. 

Primary readership will be among international theatre-makers, artists, performance and art scholars, philosophers, teachers, directors, actors, dancers, performance artists and those interested in creative and personal writing about performance, art and art-making. It will be of particular relevance to those with an interest in Karen Christopher, or in the other contributors.

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