Community Arts Education

Transversal Global Perspectives

image of Community Arts Education


This edited collection offers global perspectives on the transverse, boundary-blurring possibilities of community arts education.

Invoking ‘transversality’ as an overarching theoretical framework and a methodological structure, 55 contributors – community professionals, scholars, artists, educators and activists from sixteen countries – offer studies and practical cases exploring the complexities of community arts education at all levels.

Such complexities include challenges created by globalizing phenomena such as the COVID-19 pandemic; ongoing efforts to achieve justice for Indigenous peoples; continuing movement of immigrants and refugees; growing recognition of issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace; and the increasing impact of grassroot movements and organizations.

Chapters are grouped into four thematic clusters – Connections, Practices, Spaces and Relations – that map these and other intersecting assemblages of transversality. Thinking transversally about community art education not only shifts our understanding of knowledge from a passive construct to an active component of social life but redefines art education as a distinctive practice emerging from the complex relationships that form community.

Related Topics: Performing Arts ; Visual Arts


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