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Modelling International Collaborations in Art Education

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Based on over a decade of collective teaching, this volume explores the hybrid use of online and in-person collaboration as a means of offering international experience to university-level arts students. Chapters articulate a collective learning based on the experiences of the International Art Collaborations Network (INTAC), Collective Body group and related programs which the authors and contributors have participated in as educators and students.

Illustrated with photographs, screenshots and student projects, the book inspires reflection on teaching methodologies and student artmaking strategies across cultures and languages. Pedagogical and methodological topics trace an evolution of curricular approaches and use of evolving online platforms. Examples of themes and visual strategies demonstrate the power of student-directed collaborative learning. Diverse voices have been gathered through research conducted with educators and alumni connected to INTAC, providing perspectives on working collaboratively in a global context.

Student projects exemplify responses to the challenges of communication and creation that come with distanced artistic partnership. Chapters end with suggested points for conversation, whether between educators, students of art education or students entering collaborations. Although based on experiences in the visual arts, the ideas and methods are applicable to others engaging in inter-institutional education or online collaborative practices.

Fully illustrated with examples of collaborative art projects, photographs, screenshots, diagrams and posters.

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