Exploring the ethical challenge of media ownership: Is Nigerian media’s role in good governance possible? | Intellect Skip to content
Volume 4, Issue 3
  • ISSN: 2001-0818
  • E-ISSN:



Fundamental to the litany of Africa’s development issues is the crisis of governance. Naturally, good governance resonates as a panacea for this situation. In this, the role of the media as the bastion of democracy is indubitable. This article with focus on Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, situates the interplay of good governance and media practices within the media ownership debate. It argues that ownership patterns, pressures and politics have, for a long time, challenged the consistent and committed role of the media in deepening our march towards good governance. With clear case studies of media performances in the country over time, the article contends that the media might not totally be ready to take on the saddle of driving the democratic goals, as a result of the influence of ethnic/religious affiliation, political interest/affiliation and economic interest arising from the ownership shackles. The article returns a verdict of collective responsibility – viewing the failings of the media within the larger context of the failings of the social system in which the media are embedded.


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