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Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 2050-0742
  • E-ISSN: 2050-0750



The Swat Valley Guild (SVG) is engaging local artisans in the Swat Valley region of Northern Pakistan with the global fashion community. The local artisan heritage is centuries old and is under threat from conflict, climate change and industrialization. The SVG is organizing a demand-centric approach, which allows the artisans to engage with the global community and ensures it solves some key challenges of the fashion industry as well, focusing on waste, sustainability and people development. There is a unique form of embroidery (Panjara) indigenous to the Swat Valley being preserved by this project. Artisans from the Guild are changing the face of the fashion industry. The local artisan ecosystems allow for flexible bespoke production, enabling the fashion industry to solve some of its key challenges. These being waste, pollution and people insensitivity. Fashion as a discipline helps the individual to find him/herself through self-expression. It supports new and original form, which in time finds its function. When the founders of the SVG first decided to set up the Guild in 2016 in the Swat Valley Region, Northern Pakistan, they had to decide how to position this high social impact business in the open market to support the fashion industry with its key challenges. They felt the openness, innovativeness and the global presence of the fashion industry would be the best place to start.


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