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Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 2050-070X
  • E-ISSN: 2050-0718



Men’s fashion is offering a growing selection of diverse and gender-blurring clothing for mainstream male consumers. This research explores the influence of these contemporary clothing trends on the dressing practices and gendered identities of style-conscious young men – a group of consumers whose voices are scarce in fashion research. Findings from the Canadian sample reveal that young men develop an idiosyncratic and creative sense of style to express their identities. While shifts in menswear and culture have inspired them to participate in fashion, social norms continue to prevent men from fully experimenting with dress. This study reveals the factors that influence young men’s fashion consumption and highlights changes in their consumer practices, including their use of social media. Fashion professionals will glean an understanding of Generation Y men’s fashion consumption habits and attitudes. They are advised to develop brands that focus on creativity and community to reach this audience.


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