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Modern Popular Culture in Middle-Class Japan
  • ISSN: 2051-7084
  • E-ISSN: 2051-7092


This issue of the () includes a thematic section, edited by Scott Sommers, consisting of four papers dealing with various cultural ramifications of , particularly in relation to gender and consumerism. It further features articles analysing the role of humour in the Sinophone world: one (by Charles Lam and Genevieve Leung) on the emergence during the 1970s of a consciousness of distinctive Hong Kong identity through the prism of the television sketch comedy, the and another (by Jacob Tischer) investigating the use of a humorous social media strategy by Taiwan’s government in its attempts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The issue concludes with a paper by Marketa Bajgerová Verly on the representation of female victims of the Sino-Japanese War in the museums of the PRC. The book reviews section features commentary on four recently published works that relate to themes discussed in the research articles.


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