Stone, granite and concrete: three images of the urban under Franco | Intellect Skip to content
Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 1364-971X
  • E-ISSN: 1758-9150


This article proposes three images of the urban for examining the reconstruction, architecture and planning discourses in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. The city of stone, the city of granite and the city of concrete reveal the Falangists' preference for certain construction materials because of their symbolic and material association with the perceived historical sources of the New Spain the Roman and Hapsburg Empires and the ideal of a technically functional nation. In order to illustrate these images, this article succinctly reviews the post-war transformations of three selected sites: the in Barcelona, the in Madrid and the bridges of Bilbao, together with the discourses that accompanied these developments.


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