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Making Monsters
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In this interview, writer – director Peeter Rebane and I discuss his feature (2021). Set during the Cold War, the film centres on the real-life Sergey Fetisov’s (the film’s co-writer Tom Prior), Roman’s (Oleg Zagorodnii) and Luisa’s (Diana Pozharskaya) love triangle, exploring the decisions they make and their attendant consequences. Rebane and I examine the challenges of filming some extraordinary material – from underwater shots of the young Sergey (Romek Uibopuu) and Dima (Gregory Kibus) to shots of dozens and dozens of people seated in a concert hall, and from flying sequences to theatre ones – on an independent film budget, and how Rebane has retained integrity to the project without making compromises. We attend to the story on which was based; Rebane’s and Prior’s fidelity to their source material; how they expanded it to show, more prominently, the social and political context in which it is set; and how they altered Luisa’s character to show her perspective. We discuss Rebane’s extensive research into and recreation of the film’s world, which includes meeting with the real-life Sergey, to whom it is dedicated; casting it; and studying documentaries and photos to create costumes for its many actors and extras. Finally, Rebane and I explore the process of distributing during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has included screening the film at numerous events worldwide. This interview provides insight into both the making and the distribution of this ambitious film adaptation.

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  1. Ue, Tom. ( 2023;), ‘ The phoenix rises: Peeter Rebane on Firebird. ’, Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance, Special Issue: ‘Making Monsters’, 16:1&2, pp. 1617,
    [Google Scholar]

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Keyword(s): adaptation; Cold War; Estonia; love triangle; romance; Russia; Sergey Fetisov; Tom Prior
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