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Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 2052-0204
  • E-ISSN:


This review introduces the Illustrated Menagerie Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt (IMARSH), a project merging extended reality (XR) with illustration for an immersive outdoor public exhibition. IMARSH aimed to reconnect individuals with nature through interactive animal-themed artworks, using XR to enhance engagement. The curated trail, part of the We Shine Portsmouth 2022 Festival, featured illustrations transformed into dynamic experiences with animation and sound. Key examples included artworks depicting endangered birds and highlighting ocean pollution. The article discusses technical aspects, audience engagement, and the potential of illustration and XR to deepen connections with nature. IMARSH serves as a pioneering initiative bridging art, technology and environmental awareness.


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  • Article Type: Other review
Keyword(s): animals; AR; exhibition; extended reality; illustration; interactive; XR
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