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Volume 28 Number 153
  • ISSN: 1318-0509
  • E-ISSN: 2050-957X


This article aims at rethinking how the events making up two editions of the Up to Nature festival – in the woods above Vienna and Oslo – implicitly think the concept of “nature”, and hence considers whether we could think of these events as ecosophic and ethico-aesthetic (Félix Guattari) practices. What becomes crucial here is the problem of the (non) situatedness of the festival in the concrete (“natural”) environments in which it took place (the question of mesopolitics, as Isabelle Stengers might say), as well as the question of the eventfulness of the festival events themselvesPrispevek skuša premisliti, kako dogodki na edicijah festivala Up to Nature v gozdovih nad Dunajem in Oslom implicitno mislijo pojem »narave« ter posledično, ali jih lahko imamo za ekozofske in etično-estetske (Félix Guattari) prakse. Pri tem postane ključen problem (ne)umeščenosti v konkretna (»naravna«) okolja, v katerih se festival odvija (vprašanje mesopolitike, kot bi nemara dejala Isabelle Stengers), s tem pa tudi vprašanje dogodkovnosti samih festivalskih dogodkov


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