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Volume 28 Number 157
  • ISSN: 1318-0509
  • E-ISSN: 2050-957X



This article tries to demonstrate how far in contemporary capitalism, if not to say in capitalist realism, the difference between potentia and potestas has become deeply prone to its own inversion. We are living under circumstances which utilize our potential itself, subsuming it under a world-wide biopolitical calculus, rendering it into finance, and thereby integrating it in a continuously expanding territory that is all the same smooth and striated. Ultimately, there is no clear boundary between potentia and potestas. Our problem is that any clear distinction between constituent acts and already constituted agencies - naturing nature (natura naturans) and natured nature (natura naturata) in Spinoza - respectively, the difference between Multitude and Empire, has almost vanished and cannot be defined that easily.


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  • Article Type: Article
Keyword(s): Biopolitics; Deleuze; Foucault; Multitude; postfordism; potentiality
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