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Indian Theatre Journal

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ISSN: 2059-0660
E-ISSN: 2059-0679

Indian Theatre Journal (ITJ) is the first international journal on Indian theatre. It is committed to publishing a wide range of critical and scholarly approaches to various aspects of Indian theatre and performance from their social, political, cultural, economical and diasporic contexts through academic essays, plays, production reviews, interviews and other important performance events in India. The journal hopes to bring together current intellectual debates and artistic practices not only in theatre but also in other corresponding areas such as dance, music, arts, aesthetics and culture, which will bring together the wider context of the confluences and correspondence between philosophy, performance and culture in India. This double-blind peer-reviewed journal aims at creating an international platform for scholars, critics, playwrights, actors and directors of Indian theatre to present their work through cutting edge research and innovative performance practice. In addition, the journal is keen to explore the recent developments in intercultural theatre, theatre anthropology, performance studies and Indian and South Asian diaspora across the globe.

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