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Usage reports information

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Access COUNTER compliant usage statistics

Click on the 'COUNTER 5 reports' link within the 'Reports' section in your administrator dashboard (cog symbol at the top of the page). 

View of the administrator dashboard on Intelltect Dsicover, after clicking on the cog icon. On the far right, underneath the header 'Reports', the COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5 reports can be selected

It will take you to a page where you can first select the report type you want to download - Platform Report, Title Report or Item Report. 

View of the Reports page, where the user can select the type of report, choosing between Platform Report, Title Report or Item Report

You can then receive one of the Standard Reports for that report type via email, or create a Master Report.

View of the Title Report page, where the user can select a number of reports, e.g. TR_J2: Journal access denied, tick the relevant ones and then enter their email address as well as a start and end date and report format. Clicking on 'Submit' will trigger the reports to be individually sent via email to the provided email address


Please access for information on SUSHI setup and requests.

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