Language of Tomorrow

Towards a Transcultural Visual Communication System in a Posthuman Condition

image of Language of Tomorrow


This book gives an overview of the development of the evolution of language through a philosophical lens, and is a culmination of research combining visual communication, semiotic theory, cultural studies, linguistics, artificial intelligence and new media.

It discusses the future of communication – through a pictographic framework – and the possibility of developing a standardized universal pictographic communication system that fosters mutual understanding and bridges diverse cultures.  The research aims to locate the direction that research and development of a universal language for the posthuman era could take through the contextualization and realization of associated practice.

Highly relevant in today's discussion about globalization, language and culture, the combination of the view of design, philosophy, culture and technology makes this book unique. 

Postgraduate students of design, art, philosophy and researchers and academics in the fields. Scholars and students working in linguistics. Cultural studies.  Theory of art and design. Artificial intelligence (AI) and art-tech.


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