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Living Metal

Metal Scenes around the World

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This is the first study of its kind, focusing exclusively on scenes throughout the world; it makes an important contribution to metal studies.

Metal Scenes around the World is a collection of thirteen chapters that examine metal scenes from smaller communities like Dayton, Ohio in the USA, to entire countries, such as Estonia. The goal of the book is to expand the research on metal scenes.

This is the only book produced on metal scenes to date, and it will lead the way to more research in this new area of metal studies. The strongest element of the book is its international focus, with chapters from such diverse settings as post-apartheid South Africa, Graz, Nantes, Brazil and Turkey. The chapters are detailed, richly embedded in local histories and contexts, and provide important analyses of their respective scenes.

Foreword from Henkka Seppälä, former bassist with the Finnish metal band Children Of Bodom.

Primary readership will be composed of fans and scholars of metal music, and those in the fields of anthropology, musicology and history. The diversity of the chapters connects metal to other disciplines in the music field and the book is likely to have appeal more widely to anyone who likes music.

Related Topics: Cultural Studies ; Music

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