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The Architect's Dream

Form and Philosophy in Architectural Imagination

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Sean Pickersgill demonstrates that the goal of creating meaningful architecture can take a variety of critical and philosophical paths. The importance of architecture as an expression of broad, complex social drivers is complemented by the equally popular idea that architecture, as an intellectual pursuit, retains its own autonomy as a self-referential culture. This book uniquely places the emphasis for innovation in architecture within the domain of critical thinking generally, and a specific understanding of the semantics of built form.

The book draws on a broad range of subject areas, from film to philosophy to anthropology to mathematics and economics, to show that the path to meaningful creative practice is always based in an understanding of the principal drivers for change and meaning in society.

It is not a simple recipe book or workshop manual for others to reproduce. It requires the engaged reader to employ their own creative abilities to find what potential lies in each of the propositions, and it will encourage the scholastic architect to continue to mine the rich veins of intellectual culture to demonstrate the latent purposiveness inherent in all meaningful architecture.

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