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Being Human Today

Art, Education and Mental Health in Conversation

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This collection stages a conversation between art, education, and mental health around the question what it means to be human today. Moving beyond the suggestion that this requires ‘strong’ educational or therapeutic interventions or can be resolved by means of individual expression without boundaries, the chapters explore new possibilities for the arrival of the ‘I’ in the world.

It will be of interest to those working in the three fields that are central in the book – art, education, and mental health. Scholars, students, and practitioners in these three fields will find the conversations between the three fields stimulating, exciting and generative. The book will be of interest to academics and scholars in art, education, and mental health, but will also be suitable for students in these fields, particularly on courses that raise more fundamental and foundational questions, and on interdisciplinary courses and programmes. The book will also be interesting for practitioners in these fields – mental health practitioners, teachers, and teacher educators, and those working in the arts and arts education. 

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