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artmaking as embodied enquiry

entering the fold

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What can a fold be? Virtually anything and everything.

For centuries, folds/folding has captured the world’s imagination. Folds readily appear in revivals of the ancient craft of origami,the simplest acts of pedestrian life, in art, design, architecture, performing arts, linguistics, the philosophical turnings of the mind, and last, but not the least, in the many ingenious computations of (bio)engineering and technology. What awaits our understanding is how deeply the fold roots into embodiment, into our very impulse to create.

This book is about folding as a vibrant stimulus for trans-disciplinary artistic research – whether for the performative, for product realization or simply to enliven body, mind and spirit. Conceived as art-made-differently, Susan and Glenna share the abundance of their decade-long collaboration in developing their approach to practice research in the fold. In addition to their own insights, they invite eight of their collaborators to contribute, each a veteran artist. The fold is destined for artmaking – for making any art. Etching into the very fabric of embodiment, the fold practice reaches outside the constraints of disciplinary silos into niche areas that embrace the unknown with all its underlying tensions and ambiguities.

Reflecting on a current and unique somatic oriented arts research practice and pedagogy, with an intriguing blend of interdisciplinary concern and theory practice and includes a wide variety of practice samples and images. 


Related Topics: Performing Arts ; Visual Arts

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