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image of The importance of teaching performance artistry


This article will explain the philosophy and methodology behind developing and teaching the performance artistry curriculum at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Students who study performance artistry are more prepared to work in the popular music industry/marketplace – personally, artistically and professionally. They report being more widely informed about the business of their artistry, having clearer goals, owning their identities, embracing communication with their audiences, using a more honest voice on their social platforms, and feeling freer to take risks. Success in this field is a combination of presentation, forethought, execution, content, strategy and effectiveness on top of talent. I will detail performance artistry assignments and illustrate their role in bringing out authenticity and excellence in a collegiate music major population. This curriculum contains valuable training tools in different educational configurations (lecture-style classes, private instruction and workshop/masterclass settings) and all genres.


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