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Extended Senses: Embodying Technology
  • ISSN: 2397-9704
  • E-ISSN: 2397-9712


This Special Issue is a series of articles generated from the , held at University of Greenwich, 8–9 September 2022, including an exhibition (8–10 September in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery). The main theme of the symposium was to explore ways to extend and expand the body through new and emerging modalities and technologies. Focusing primarily on the body as a site of knowledge production within this field, it highlighted immersion, haptic engagement and evolving body led interfaces to understand and enable the bridge between the analogue and the digital realms. Participants were encouraged to present socially responsible work engaged with issues such as: the climate crisis and environmental sustainability, data ethics, personal data ownership, surveillance and privacy, women’s health and equality and other urgent issues that affect the body. Talks and artwork traversed between the physical and the virtual, including but not limited to, electronic or smart textiles, research exploring multimodal interfaces and human–technology interaction, dance, theatre, music and other performance modes, as well all work that engages with technology to translate different embodied senses and experiential sensations.


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