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Seeing the (In)Justice of Sustainability: Visualizing Inequality at the Centre of Climate Change Communication
  • ISSN: 2632-2463
  • E-ISSN: 2632-2471


Nonfiction storytellers often aim to capture the truth about inequality, sustainability and other current issues. Joining photojournalist Jason Henry and writer Erik Maza on a visit to Guatemala’s largest landfill, award-winning filmmaker Boaz Dvir attempts to bottle the raw reality of local residents, including dozens of children, ‘rampaging through […] smoke-spewing toxic garbage’. But lacking the ability to record the experience’s olfactory, tactile, and other aspects, he comes to terms with his medium’s shortcomings. He reflects on the nature of reality in a world where the truth is literally and figuratively being eroded on a daily basis. Will he remain hopeful?


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